Missionaries supported by Bay City Baptist Church

Missionary Mission Field Sending Church Website
Ephraim Camacho Philippines Landmark Mission Projects Facebook Page
Ron Papa Prison Ministry Bayou Drive Baptist Church Home Page
Christian Law Association U.S. Legal System christianlaw.org
The Colsons Chuuk Islands Central Missionary Clearinghouse Facebook Page
The Mark Haynes Family Navajo Nation IBFI Missionary Agency Haynes Home Page
The Raub Family Military Towns Temple Baptist Church Raub Home Page
The Schepers Family Spanish Church Planting Ada Baptist Temple Schepers Page
Cristobal Yañez Panama Mission Blvd. Baptist Church Facebook Page
The Martin Family Argentina Metropolitan Baptist Church Martin Home Page
Warren Brave Santiago Philippines Independent Baptist Mission for Asians IBMFA Site Page
[name omitted for safety] China All Points Baptist Mission
The Mendoza Family Brazil Edmond Road Baptist Church Mendoza Page
The Blanchard Family Australia Northside Baptist Church Russel Blanchard
The Bryant Family Uganda Alden Baptist Church Facebook Page
The Rogers Family Nicaragua Grace Baptist Church Facebook Page
The Wilcher Family Canada Bible Baptist Church Wilchers Page
The Bell Family Killeen, TX Church Planting Maranatha Baptist Church